Frank Zaccanelli is currently the Founder, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Managing Partner of Fiamma Partners, a company investing in and developing over $235 million in residential and mixed-use real estate across the United States.

The son of a factory worker in Syracuse, NY, Zaccanelli started his post-graduate career as a real
estate broker for former NFL Hall of Fame QB Roger Staubach in Dallas.  After four successful years at
the Staubach Company as one of the company's top producers, Zaccanelli was hired by Ross Perot Sr. and Ross Perot Jr. to launch a multifaceted investment company called The Perot Group.  During his 15-year tenure, Zaccanelli was president of the investment company, and vice president of development activities under Ross Perot Jr..   Ross Perot Jr. and Frank Zaccanelli spearheaded a small talented team that developed Alliance Airport, the world's first 100% industrial airport designed for cargo and corporate aviation.  Former President George H. W. Bush lauded the model for public/private partnership in the United States.

Additionally, Zaccanelli was involved in Ross Perot's presidential campaigns in 1992 and 1996, on matters including NAFTA and related trade policy.

Zaccanelli expanded his resume and skillset in 1996, when he led Perot's group to acquire the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA.  As part of the transaction, Zaccanelli became a Mavericks' minority owner,
team president, and general manager.  Zaccanelli talked Don Nelson, the NBA’s leader for all-time wins,
out of retirement to become the Mavericks' general manager and head coach.  Furthermore, working with Don Nelson, the Mavericks drafted Dirk Nowitzki and acquired Steve Nash through trade, which laid the foundation for the future Mavericks' championship run.

Under Perot and Zaccanelli ownership , the nucleus was put together for the team to become a perennial playoff contender. In this time, Zaccanelli also led the financing and development of the American Airlines Center, the state-of-the-art arena in the heart of downtown Dallas and Victory Park.

In 2000, the Perot/Zaccanelli ownership group sold the team to current owner and Shark Tank personality Mark Cuban for $285 million, the largest purchase of an NBA franchise at that time.

Among Zaccanelli's many other achievements is the acquisition of a 49% stake in Worldwide Network Services (WNS), an internet hosting and satellite development company.  During Mr. Zaccanelli's ownership, the company grew from $800K to $50 million, which made it one of the fastest growing 8A African-American-owned government contractors in the United States.

Over his long career, Zaccanelli has had extensive and diverse time in front of the camera. He has been a frequent contributor and broadcast analyst for Fox News, expertly speaking from his vast experience on a variety of topics including real estate, management, immigration, unemployment, and politics...and,
of course, sports.